10 (non-technical) Secrets to Staying Remote

While Everybody Else Heads Back into the Office...

As we put full-on COVID19 lockdown behind us, some are happy to swarm back into the office, and some are looking at commutes and 9-5 office life with fresh eyes.  Where are you?


I've been working remotely since 2006, from coffee shops, coworking spots, and occasionally my own home--all of which I refer to as my 6-SF Office.  (Get it?)


Deciding whether the permanent #remotework life is for you lies outside the scope of anything I could possibly write. That's a decision fraught with competing interests, complex emotional journeying, marital and family implications, externalities, and unintended consequences.


But if you've successfully navigated this labyrinth, and you're ready to take action, read on, and let's get to work.

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I've been a #remoteworker since 2006, while working sometimes for myself, sometimes for others, largely in tech.


Today, I'm passionate about doing my part to #DisruptTheCubicle and helping others achieve location independence, through e-books, online courses, and coaching, all via The 6-SF Office.


As digital nomads, my wife and I travel the world with our two toddlers.

- Wayne Saucier, The 6-SF Office